Drones used to cover Rwanda’s gorilla naming ceremony

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Drones used to cover Rwanda’s gorilla naming ceremony

A drone flies over the Kwitizina crowd in Northern Rwanda

Unmanned aircrafts known as drones were used to cover the 10th edition of naming 18 baby gorillas in Musanze district, northern Rwanda.

Kwita Izina ceremony attracts thousands of people from different countries and it’s always hard for journalists to cover the event professionally given the size of the audience.

This time around China television CCTV used drones to cover widely and get quality images and video clips of Kwita Izina ceremony using drones for the first time in the history of the ceremony.

The drones somehow grasped the audience’s attention especially locals who did not have any idea of such technology being used in Rwanda.

“This is technology in Rwanda and the good thing, it’s all brought to us in our village by this Kwita Izina ceremony,” said onlooker Augustine Murindahabi.

“I only knew them in media as war aircrafts but am happy and surprised to witness drones in action live used at Kwita Izina ceremony as cameras,” said Fabiola Mutesi.

m_A drone covers the Gorilla naming ceremony

A drone covers the Gorilla naming ceremony

However, drones are expensive to acquire by our local media houses depending on the type and quality of quadrocopter or drone.

The Phantom 2 Vision drone cost $ 400 and above is a comprehensive airborne electronic camera device that prepares to fly for over twenty five minutes and manage to record 1080p video clip while taking 14MP images.

Drones were introduced by US military institution mainly for intelligence and war purposes in 20th century but as technology grew, small drones equipped with cameras have been manufactured to be used in photo journalism.

Drones also known as UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles are being employed for everything from warfare to movie and music industries across the world because they hold the promise of new creative options, real cost savings and possibly even safer sets.

Drones are versatile compared to helicopters in terms of saving costs and time; they are normally controlled by remote controllers using satellite in long distances.

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