Ngoma: Who is guilty; phone technicians or their customers?

January 4, 2012No Comments

Phone repairers in Kibungo town, Ngoma district contradict with people who say they steal different phone accessories from customers’ phones and sell them to other clients who bring their phones for repair.

This has been there for long because people who could take their radios or watches for repair could stand and wait for them due to the negative attitude about the repairers. People think that technicians replace new parts with old accessories.

Uwamungu Jean Bosco, a technician for telephones, fridges, televisions and others in Kibungo town says that sometimes they go to court due to negative attitudes of their clients. When a client leaves a telephone with you, he or she claims you stole some parts should you fail to make it function again.

“May be some technicians did it but clients should not generalize. If one person did it, he destroyed his reputation but had not presented technicians” adds Bosco.

Umurerwa Claudine took her phone for repair which she left with the technician but was surprised to find some spare part missing after she picked the phone. When she took it back the technician asked for more money to repair it again but she got the spare part after a long struggle.

“When you go to seek their service, they try to sell some spare parts to you. Where do they get them if not from our telephones? Some of them are sealed and new while others look as if they are got from used phones” says Claudine.


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