Young Rwandans with a drive for education through technology

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Young Rwandans with a drive for education through technology

Five high school students by the name “CODE WIZARDS”, have a dream to change the world through technology. To do this, they chose to start by helping the young generation to have a chance of growing with a purpose and have easier studying throughout their childhood and above, hence helping to ensure a bright future for them.

The group says that they noticed that Rwanda is developing at a high rate and yet education is not on the same speed especially when it comes to children getting deeply involved. The students say they are trying their best to change this through games applications that promote education.

Arsene Kwitonda, one of the students who came up with this educative game App says that education the children getting is not enough; they lack the most important part of it all.

What children do instead is play games and watch TV only. This made us to decide to make something that can help them to study what they have to, as well as have their usual fun. We came up with the idea of a game, says Arsene Kwitonda.

 Young Rwandans with a drive for education through technology2

Literally, from the word itself, “seka” is a Rwandan word for “laugh”. And yes it’s all about laughing because laughing brings fun, with fun comes happiness, with happiness comes growth, growth shows mind and bright minds, change the world forever

The application is composed of one game mode, with a certain purpose and reason as to why it was created.

Here are the basic things they had to work on in the project: – helping a child to have a quick and good memory, helping a child to have quick thinking about anything.

It is composed of a board with 20 boxes containing hidden random similar images, the player is to click on a hidden box and it reveals the hidden image, then it hides itself again, if another similar image is shown, the player is to re-click on the first place that image was seen.

Until all the images are shown before the given time expires. This helps the player to improve their memory, hence helping in class and as well as in normal life.

“But not just any game, this game will be able to: – Help the child to get used to thinking quick, help a child to sharpen their mind for innovative ideas. Help a kid’s memorizing ability to grow, Help children to study as well as have fun,” says Arsene Kwitonda.

Kwitonda says that there are lots of things needed to teach the Rwandan young generation apart from just being intelligent, because “after all science without consciousness is just a ruin of the soul”.

Through this game, the team believes that before becoming great thinkers with biggest ideas, we first have to know that before all that we are Rwandans and we need to know our own culture and customs.

Thus all pictures used involve the Rwandan cultural tools, which will help the child to know the Rwandan tools. The name is in “Kinyarwanda”, this should help even those who don’t know any other language apart from Kinyarwanda, to also know that they also can play the game

Target group

For a tree to grow it all starts with the roots, for a world to change, it all starts from the youth. If we want to change our world, then we have to start by changing its future leaders.

That being said, the game is basically to serve the young children between 2years and above. Luckily enough this application is not for sale and the group wants to start marketing the app to all schools starting with students in Kigali.

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