Kamonyi: One Laptop Per Child at the helm of district education dev’t

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Before 1994, in all the six communes that made up Kamonyi district had one Secondary School of Remera Rukoma. Twenty years after the 1994 Genocide that left the country in shambles and more than half of the population massacred, Kamonyi district has developed education sector especially in Technology with 49 Secondary Schools.

Most of these schools have adapted One Laptop Per Child Project that aims at improve education through the Introduction of Technology in Primary schools. The project allows primary school students early access to computer skills and computer science.

According to Eline Niyongira who has been in education sector since 1978, there has been a great breakthrough in education in the past 20 years.

All children has access to education with the introduction of 9 and 12 Years Basic Education and even adults have a chance to go back to school. Children have access to technology at a young age and others are studying technical skills.

Pacifique Turimumahoro a teacher at Kayonza Secondary School in Kayenzi sector says “there are nursery schools everywhere, 9&12YBE, schools for Special Needs Children. All children learn computer science, they have access to computers and have own laptops.”

The mayor of Kamonyi district Jacques Rutsinga says the education sector was not developed before due to poor governance that promoted inequality among the people.

Kamonyi district has 42 community based 12 YBE schools

Rwanda launched the One Laptop Per Child program (OLPC) in June 2008 and the current proposed target is to provide all students from Primary 4 to Primary 6 access to XO laptops. One key fact is that One Laptop per Child project covers several National ICT Strategy objectives.

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