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Rwanda and US University Sign Deal to Invest in Social Impact

Rwanda is engaging social impact investors to take part in the country’s development agenda. Rwanda last year signed a deal with a US based Wharton University to facilitate knowledge exchange and encourage policy change in national markets. The academic institution is a global leader in Business and Finance studies. About 30 MBA students today met […]

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May 18, 2016No Comments

Kagame Promises Massive Electricity Roll-out in Karongi District

Rwandans are expected to begin benefiting from a growing economy which has expanded in the last five years. “We want to ensure everyone gets access to electricity…and this is possible. Proof is the production of methane gas from Lake Kivu which we witnessed yesterday,” President Paul Kagame told thousands of residents who had gathered to […]

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May 17, 2016No Comments

olleh Rwanda Networks Appeals To Retailers On 4G LTE Over-pricing

Rwanda’s sole 4G LTE network service provider- olleh Rwanda networks (oRn), has called upon retailers to desist from hiking Internet prices after the company significantly cut on its wholesale prices. The company cut wholesale price of 1 GB by 27%, from Rwf 3,226 to Rwf 2,360 with a weekly validity and 5GB by 14.1% from […]

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May 16, 2016No Comments

Rwanda Proves World Wrong As Kagame Unveils 25MW Methane Plant

For many decades, scientists had claimed that it was very dangerous to extract methane gas from Rwanda’s lake Kivu which is so close to Nyiragongo active volcano in DRC. In 2009 when Rwanda started works on extracting methane gas from lake Kivu to meet its national energy needs, scientists across the world warned against such […]

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May 14, 2016No Comments

Government set to use drones in delivering medical supplies

In its efforts to easy access to health services, the government will start using drones to deliver medical supplies, thanks to the new partnership with Zipline, a US based Technology Company. The minister of health Dr Agnes Binagwaho, says the technology comes at the time government is looking at ways of using technology mainly in […]

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