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I Ngororero bongeye kubona serivisi za mudasobwa na interineti mu mujyi wabo

Nyuma y’amezi 14 abatuye mu mujyi wa Ngororero batabasha kubona serivisi mu kigo cya RDB bita BDC ubu bongeye kwiruhutsa kuko BDC, Business Development Centre ya Ngororero yongeye kubakingurira imiryango. N’ubwo mu turere tumwe na tumwe mu Rwanda abakenera iyo serivisi bayisanga muri BDC gusa, umurongo wa interineti muri BDC ya Ngororero wakunze guca intege [...]

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Millicom introduces online English course in Rwanda

Millicom an International Telecommunications and Media Company launched EduMe English service, a low-cost mobile English language learning course that is available exclusively to Tigo Rwanda’s customers by subscription or on demand. Tigo – Rwanda is the local subsidiary of Millicom international. EduMe English is a new and unique way to learn English on any mobile [...]

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Rwanda’s commitment to promoting ICT impacting communities

Rwanda’s national ICT plan aims to further leverage the power of ICTs in important areas such as health, education, governance, finance and agriculture says Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana. Rwanda’s strides in ICT can vividly be seen by just taking a tour around the country especially compared to 20 years ago. [...]

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Kamonyi: One Laptop Per Child at the helm of district education dev’t

Before 1994, in all the six communes that made up Kamonyi district had one Secondary School of Remera Rukoma. Twenty years after the 1994 Genocide that left the country in shambles and more than half of the population massacred, Kamonyi district has developed education sector especially in Technology with 49 Secondary Schools. Most of these [...]

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September 12, 2013No Comments

Rwanda to be a global community with e-government program

The government of Rwanda is yet to put up a master plan for good governance through ICT that will reduce all limitations in different levels of administration. This program will be carried out by the NIPA, a South Korean society. The meeting with NIPA and the ministry for Youth and ICT This was explained by [...]

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