Samsung Gear Fit: Smartwatch Review

May 11, 2014No Comments

The Samsung Gear Fit is not just a fitness tracker, or a smartwatch — it’s both. The device, which costs about $200, combines smartwatch features, such as call and alarm notifications, with the functions of a more traditional fitness tracker, such as the ability to track daily steps and calories burned. It even includes a heart rate monitor that works when you’re at rest or exercising. But is this hybrid better than a normal tracker? I tested the device to find out.

Design/Comfort: ★★★★★

The Gear Fit stands out among smartwatches for its design. It has a sleek, slightly curved, rectangular screen that’s big enough to read, without feeling bulky. An adjustable strap lets you fit the device snugly on your wrist. A single button will turn the display on and off, but the screen will also light up when you twist your wrist to look at the display, so you can see the screen even if your hands are full.

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